Our Clients

Typically our clients are busy, successful people. They use our service to identify issues, develop strategies, and prioritise and drive implementation through our active ongoing involvement.
Our clients are a diverse group, including executives, professionals, business owners, and self funding retirees. As our service is tailored to individual goals and needs, we are able to provide advice to a wide range of clients by applying the financial planning principles relevant to their situation. Our professional clients are seeking advice from someone who understands the professional issues they need to manage, and can integrate those issues with their personal finances. Our business owner clients are often stretched in their business roles. They use our ongoing service to ensure that their important personal issues are not forgotten in the multitude of other issues that occupy their time. Our employed clients have busy and successful careers. They seek to obtain advice which integrates their employment related superannuation and insurance arrangements with their other planning needs. Our retired clients want to enjoy their retirement. They want us to take over the role of “worrying” about making a bad investment, or running out of money, or staying up to date with superannuation changes.  
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