Generational Financial Advice Pty Ltd strongly believes in the fee for service model and offers this to all clients. We charge an annual advice fee based on the amount and complexity of work involved.

Initial appointment | Free of charge

The fee will be quoted at the end of the first appointment once the nature of required work is known. Clients are under no obligation to proceed and are free to make a decision on whether to have a Statement of Advice prepared.

Our Statement of Advice carries a “Money Back Guarantee

On receipt of the Statement of Advice, if our clients do not believe that it adds more value than it costs and they do not wish to proceed with our recommendations, they are free to pay nothing and return the Statement of Advice.

 Ongoing Advice

Our “Ongoing Advice” clients engage us on an annual basis and pay a fee for our services. They are entitled to a rebate of initial and ongoing commissions for any investments managed by Generational Financial Advice Pty Ltd.

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