Ross McConachie, as Director of Generational Financial Advice Pty Ltd, is an Authorised Representative of Tupicoffs Pty Ltd and provides Independent and Unbiased financial advice on a fee for service basis.

The Licensee meets the Corporations Act definition of Independent.

There are very few financial planners in Australia that can call themselves Independent

Key Services

Goal Setting

The starting point for our advice is to identify and prioritise clients’ goals. These act as a road map for our planning and ongoing advice. We continually test these goals to check their relevancy, and that our clients remain on track.

Cash Flow/Debt Management

Managing personal expenses, income, and debt is the most fundamental task of financial planning. Generational Financial Advice Pty Ltd makes managing personal cash flow and debt an integral part of all advice. We work with clients to balance between spending now and providing for the future.

Investment Advice

This is the only exposure to financial planning for many people. We provide advice on a wide range of asset classes and individual securities as well as an extensive range of managed investments. We also advise on appropriate ownership of investments.

Estate Planning

Many individuals have accumulated wealth through a lifetime of successful business, career, and investment endeavours. Our advice helps them to achieve their aim of supporting their family, and supporting the wider community through charitable giving.

Business Succession

Business ownership can change due to a variety of reasons including retirement, accident and death, and shareholder and family disputes. Generational Financial Advice Pty Ltd works with your accounting and legal advisers to plan for a smooth business succession.

Superannuation Advice

Superannuation is now one of the major investments held by most Australians. It is also one of the most complex. There are many benefits in superannuation and we ensure that clients are taking advantage of the opportunities available to them. Our advice covers Personal Superannuation Plans, Corporate Superannuation Plans, and Self Managed Funds.

Insurance Advice

Generational Financial Advice Pty Ltd believes that an integral part of the planning process is to prepare for contingencies. We provide a full review of insurances and assess whether they satisfy clients’ goals. Our recommendations cover the amount of cover required, the type, and appropriate insurers.

Planning for Retirement

Most people seek to achieve a “comfortable” retirement by building and maintaining adequate financial resources. We use our knowledge and experience to assist our clients in their decision making in the following matters: How much to save or spend and the financial outcomes over time of those decisions Structural issues on how best to save: using superannuation; saving outside of superannuation; taxation; gearing; etc. Choosing appropriate investments: equities; property; term deposits; taking account of risk; diversification; liquidity; etc.

Collaboration with other professional advisers

We believe in collaborating with your existing accountants, lawyers, and other professional advisers as their advice is often required as part of the planning process.

We can refer you to advisers should you wish. Generational Financial Advice Pty Ltd does not receive or give fees for adviser referrals.

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